Matt Huesmann Productions


I Hope We Get to Meet

I have been a “Secret Life of Walter Mitty” day dreamer since I was a kid. In my elementary school years, I created radio shows with stories and news. I picked up my dads Leica in 5th grade and started writing songs in Jr. High. I’ve never stopped dreaming ideas, chasing creative thoughts and I never will. I simply love it. I really hope we get to meet and work together because, for the most part, I always want us to share the fun I’ve been having since I was a kid. Perhaps its why I like this “BIG” movie prop.


Need a Full Turnkey Van?

I own a Mercedes Metris van that is fully capable of lighting, gripping, audio and shooting most any interview, commercial, web spot etc. that utilizes a small crew. Anything you would like to know more specifically, please email me and I will be happy to discuss the details and rates.